Monday, January 11, 2010

Pay time!!

Phew... after working for slightly more than half a month, i would say being a waiter... surely is tiring. XD but then again, this is working experience. =) you get to meet all sorts of people who comes in and out of the cafe, meet various kinds of customers and colleagues... whew... and i can surely assure you, some people are just tough meat and unreasonable. zzz....

take for instance:
there was one customer who asked me to read out the price on the receipt, in Chinese, which i did. but i guess i wasn't very clear, so then he got quite frustrated and he asked in a very harsh and loud voice to repeat. yea... why so loud la? i guess foo chows are just famous for talking loudly, being rude, and... kampua. hahaha.. =3

but then again, there are some awfully nice customers. they re just so sweet and some of them even have great sense of humor. it s just great to be able to see people like them.

i guess you ll find yourself to be in such a situation no matter what job you ll find. in future, you would eventually have to experience the world too right? another bonus to working for my parents (with my aunt as the treasurer and the one counting the salary) i get lots of $$$ easily XD XD XD wee.... *clears throat =)

ok, sneak peek time.. i got RM720 for my first pay. muahahahaha... quite a sum for an average teenage kid. =) and for those who re asking, yes, i am going to tithe, not rm72 but rm100. XD XD XD. so, remind me ya. =)

overall, this has been a really great experience. i got to meet nice people, get free meals, quite a good pay, yea... so, it s paying in every aspect. i mean heck, i got time to blog dont i? =) will try spending more time for god's word too =0

catch ya'll some other time.. customers coming XD

~e l v i n signing out.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Driving. A new chapter on the roads.

Okay.. so i just ended 5 hours of a boring class, a few days of reading a book which contains 500 questions for a pc test, two weeks waiting for the pc test cause the server was attacked by viruses, a 15 minute pc test, another 3 hours of engine class, and 3 hours of a mini practical they call *amali*. with every step taken, i draw a step closer to what seems to be heaven to most teens my age, getting a driving liscence.
well it s not all sweet and joy to have one. parents, friends, people, they all tend to start to misuse you. but, that s all part of *growing up, and to take a step into the *adult world. hmmm...

so, driving wasnt so bad... engine died twice i think.. but it s no biggie... any newb would ve killed the engine the same way... i saw worst cases while watching other newbs lose their virginity to driving. one car died on the way up a hill, and yea... it rolled all the way down. another, sped towards the hill i though it was going to go air borne... so, i would applaud myself XD

well, it s a new interesting chapter in my life and i have to admit, god played a huge and major role for me today. i came in at about 8.00 am. almost the last person to register. no 46 to be exact. they only accept 50 people. there were more than 50 people to be exact.. i think about 70 to 80. somehow, god gave me a spot in that class... the few in front of me all went for motorcycle class so, i wasnt forced to go home after all =). and during amali, there were oonly 6 available cars for training sessions.. i was one of the 6 out of the 50 who were chosen. the lady just pulled me over to one of the driving inspector, i have no idea who she is, and told him to watch out for me. now if that isn't god's grace i don't know what that is. I really thank god for the opportunity he s given. =)

fellow readers, stay close by him, and be amazed by what he can do, for your benefit, and for others, last but definitely not the least, for the expansion of his kingdom =) all glory to him. god bless you all.

~e l v i n signing out

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Found a job... for the holidays... in my parents' cafe, Uncle Dom... wow... fancy that -.-

The reasons i work:
1. forced
2. wage
3. earn wage to buy guitar
4. guitar not cheap and not within pocket money amount
5. nothing else to do

so there... i calculated that to earn my guitar (rm1200), i have to work for 10 hours for 48 days... on the conditions that i survive and also that no one else buys the guitar first. fail to meet any of the two requirements, no guitar, wasted efforts, but still got reasonable amount of ka-ching!$...

hmmmm..... so there s my holidays now... down the dom.. as in uncle dom.. get it?! XD cold lame joke.. -_________-...

~singing out of tune-ly:
*i will survive! I WILL SURVIVE!!!

ooops... am not supposed to be on the pc now.. ciao!

~e l v i n signing out

College - Part 1 (Hunting for a suitable college)

ALright, so for all those who ve gone before, if you have gone for pre-u course, you would know what it feels like... tiring..

Going for education fairs, listening to talks, searching the web, digging up forums, yadaa yadaa yadaa... all that stuff... however, none as compared to the wrath of an ever concerned and even probably over-worried bunch of parents. sheesh... i know you guys are concerned for my future and all but sometimes a little softer in volume and a little space would kinda do a lot of good, kapish?

So..... i just joined two education fairs, 14th n 15th dec at rh and tanahmas respectively. well... they were ok.. some of the consultants were pretty nice looking female ones tooo... XD ahahaha.. ish myself!

anyhows... most probably i'll be sticking with curtin, miri for the foundation course now... thx to mr.michael kong and mr peter's.... erm... council.. =3 so, anyone of you going there, pls tell me.. i need your companionship. x3
unless you're freaking annoying -.-
~*psycho.. (silence...)

~e l v i n signing out

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Freedom, alas. SPM, a gone case.

Today, dated 13th dec 2009, is the fifth day of myself enjoying, well, what is supposedly enjoying at least, a post SPM period. i was kinda busy with the first few days of my *holiday trying to catch up with some monster hunter on PSP. erm... didn't really get anywhere though... anyways

*blows and wipes dust off... (this blog really started collecting some dust)

back to blogging then. i guess it's one of many things that i can do to burn time. i took 10 subjects fro spm. namely bio, chem, phy, eng, bm, pm, sej, science, maths, add maths. several of my friends wouldn't listen to me and still insisted on taking chinese. they'll only finish spm tomorrow. heh... had a good time teasing some of them. but it's k... they'll get back at me.. once they're done that is... *blek... =P

so after a year of not blogging, there really isn't anything on my mind that i want to specifically write about. nothing much happened except studies.. (well... i did put *some effort into my studies you know)
the post spm period is kinda like the time students think they want to relax and all... but dont really have the activities to unleash all their time on. so what the heck, sleep a couple more hours, laze a bit more, procrastinate here and there and by the time u know it, you're off to uni. well, DONT!. seriously it kills.... try going to church and getting to know god better ya'll. and just in case you all are wondering, NO!, i'm not a priest.

actually as i am typing now, i am in my parents' newly opened uncle dom cafe. =) quite nice a place, a bit pricy though. but, nice.. af any of you guys drop by to sibu, sarawak, malaysia. do drop by... erm.. i am supposed to be looking for scholarships and application stuffs.... ergh... drag.. well, better get my ass moving if i'm to get anywhere/ ciaoz for now.

~e l v i n signing out.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Holidays are OVER!!!

Phew... after a long and winded 1 and half months, guess my holidays are over and entering the new year, i guess everyone has grown to be one year older and another year wiser as well.. This year, 09, I'll finally be facing the devastating wrath every other form 5'er has to face, the SPM public exams, a.k.a. the Super Problem Master. Anyways, during this holidays, I've been to Harbin China, which is pretty far up north, making it very.. VERY... cold.. =.=" although, I'm still wondering why my parents wanted to go there in the first place.. ah well, now all that's just history..

Moving on, well, the trip this time was the suckiest one of all my holidazys... like seriously.. since it is winter time there, the day time is very short and the night time, longer than usual. So what the tour agents did was that they travelled in the morning by bus for bout 3 - 5 hours everytime and then have lunch by the time we arrive. then, we sight see for bout 2 - hours and thats it.. it's dark.. finished, full-stop for the day. dayem... =.="
The temperature there did not help... It was a freezing -20'c in Harbin and just to take your gloves of for a sec to take pics was cold. I was blowing the window on our bus and water vapour just turned into ice... o.O. well, i thought that was cool though.. ahahahahaha...

So... i got a few reasons why I'd prefer to have stayed in sibu during this time's holiday.
1. My friends are all there
2. They got to go to the Youth Convention in Kuching
3. They got to go on board the Logos and Doulos
4. They got to see Nick Vujicic
5. There was a farewell party for the pastors who are being transfered away from our church.
6. There was a meeting (ok... i think i would have liked to skipped this bit >.<)
7. Timmy's back!! ^^
8. If i got the PSP and the PC to myself, it's a holiday enough for me.. =.=" seriously...
9. I don't have to freeze myself like a popsicle and i can still enjoy coolness under some CFC spraying machine called the air-conditioner if no one has ever heard?! o.O...

Anyways... i guess.. that moving on into the new year as well, i would like to make some new year resolutions..
1. I would like to be a better person.
2. I would like to grow closer in a relationship with God
3. I would want to be more serious in my studies esp for my SPM
4. I would like to get my "substitute" in playing the acoustic guitar so that when i am gone, there will still be people playing for YWS.

yeah... i guess that pretty much sums up my whole holidays.. I think my blog wil start collecting dust after this cause of lack of blogging time.. >.<" anyways... keep in tune to more in future... BYE!!

~ e l v i n signing out

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving diner!! XD

Walau eh... geng not geng... not only westerners celebrate thanksgiving.. we weslians also know and celebrate thanksgiving as well... ^^ not bad ah? hehe...

Well, today we celebrated out thanksgiving dinner basically to celebrate the "passover" of the SPM, haha... We had dinner at Manna Cafe (for those visiting Sibu, it's a decent place to have a nice enjoyable meal ya know?). Amongst us were me (in person? ><), Jan, Kee Hung, TK, Pauline, Andrea, Amanda and Andrew.So the 8 of us intended on bringing some matches and lighter fluid to burn the SPM papers and reference books just as a sign of academical and mental freedom and also maturity (my o so clever idea.. >.<) >,<... lol.. I don;t know why.. but i think girls have the common habit (or virus) to shriek squeel and laugh and giggle histerically when they see each other.. seriously, it looks more like a native sorta greeting.. luckily Amanda, Jan and Kee Hung were stil okay.. And believe it or not guys, me Andrew and TK tried a round of... senseless squeeling oursleves.. And i do so believe that TK and Andrew had a 'swell' time doing it.. ><. lol...

Anyhow, well we ordered our food and... guess what. i don't know what happened to the cook...(maybe they got a new(b) cook ya know?) and the food was like... oily. as in.. extremely... oily... yea.......... =.=". Amanda's laksa was soo oily you couldn't see the soup.. just the terifying scary huge pool of oil... even guys shriek at the sight of it.. haha? My lamb curry rice had... at least 3 tablespoons full of oil poured out from it and it was still oily... eww? Well, since it was thanksgiving, we though we gave the cooks a break.. hahaha!

Before, during and after dinner, we had like senseless chatting.. trash, jokes and... giggles just became the ambient of our table. (for those who don't know what ambient means, i am gonna be kind to you and tell you its meaning. The word just means atmosphere or surrounding). We had a swell time and then we had a short session for sharing three things that we were thankful for.. lol... during sharing, andrea pauline and andrew keep on shouting 'me!' "Me!" 'me!'... well, indicating, 'be thankful for me.' lol.... (distractions seriously... ahahaha)

Welll... after sharing and all, Andrea kept on pestering us to call the waiters by snapping our fingers (she thinks its cool).... in the end... she did it herself.. ahaha! And looked quite funny doing it.. lol... more of hilarious than cool.. well, i guess practice makes perfect? o.O? The bill came to a big upseting and expected.. figure (lol?) of RM118. ... ... and 20 cents.

So after the traditional makan phase, we all continued on to the traditional jalan phase... ^^ its a must do thing.. so, jalan here jalan there and in the end, we all got over to McD's and had some snacks.. yea.... =.=" i wonder how heavy i got... anyways... shortly after that, everyone passed away.. i mean... left... lol... the end?

The night.. is still young... but i gotta catch on some z's now so... tune in to more elvin-ness soon.

~e l v i n signing out.